ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raises $88million, creates awareness about Motor Neuron Diseases

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or ALS has been the major topic which has gained considerable news in the last few days due to the Ice Bucket challenge. What is ALS you ask? This is a disease which gradually destroys nerve cells. These nerve cells are important as they affect our ability to move our muscles in order to eat, speak, move and breathe . Although the disease is incurable, medication and therapy is effective at slowing down its progression of ALS.

About the challenge: The Ice bucket challenge is a unique way to gain awareness and raise funds to a worthwhile cause, the ALS society in America. The challenge starts when a nominated person is given 24 hours to either donate $100 to the ALS Society or to douse themselves with ice water and then nominate 3 or more people to continue the challenge. This creates  a snowball effect where the message is passed on to enough people and funds are generated along the way. So far, the challenge has brought in a staggering $88million** so far compared to $2million it raised during the same time last year.

This challenge has been popular enough for big celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg, Nina Dobrev, Jessica Alba, Richard Branson, Bill Gates and David Beckham to get involved in. Most recently, our very own Iraj Weereratne was reportedly the first to take the challenge in Sri Lanka and the likes of Randhir, Bathiya and Santhush, Otara Gunewardene, Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara (see below) have followed suit. Needless to say, the ice bucket challenge has become a hit in Sri Lanka, a country where the dare did not even originate.

Our boys Sanga and Mahela get soaked for a good cause. Image credit:

As a life  insurance provider, motor neuron diseases are covered by some of our policies*. We wish to take this opportunity, to request those who may have early signs and symptoms of ALS to get checked as soon as possible.

Have you been nominated to take part in the challenge? If so, we want to know about it. Send your videos to our Facebook page and  tell us in the comments who YOU wish to nominate.

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** The total number collected by donations is correct as of the date of publication

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