3 Steps to a Successful New Year’s Resolution

Its the last day of 2014. You’ve made plans for tonight, and maybe even thought up of a resolution for next year. The big question is: are you going to end up sticking to it this time?

According to TIME these are the top 10 commonly broken new years resolutions. Does yours make the list?

  1. Lose Weight/get Fit
  2. Quit Smoking
  3. Learn Something New
  4. Eat Healthier and Diet
  5. Get Out of Debt and Save Money
  6. Spend More Time with Family
  7. Travel to New Places
  8. Be Less Stressed
  9. Volunteer
  10. Drink Less
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What’s your Resolution?

We’re not trying to make you feel guilty. However, if your resolution is mentioned above, we can help you attain them. Check out these 3 steps;

1. What do you really want to accomplish?

The million Rupee question. It may be to get healthier, to travel more, write a book, learn a new instrument, start a business etc. Truly ask yourself if this is something you are really passionate about. If you are genuinely interested about something, that will drive you to achieve more than a generic resolution such as ‘getting fitter’ because you are expected to.

2. Take Baby steps

Its the new year, so take small steps. For example, if your resolution is to write a book, break it down. Consider writing a paragraph every day, or a full page once a week. This way, you modify your behaviour a little and you make progress. It will be slow, but  you will see gains over time. Remember: slow and steady wins the race.

3. Reward yourself

Positive reinforcement is a great way to go. If you want to lose weight, a cheat meal is a good way to stay motivated to reach your goals. In fact, the team at ironbuttz have written an excellent article about how cheat meals stimulate weight loss.

That’s it from us this year, we would like to wish you the very best in sticking to your resolutions in 2015!

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

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