HNB Assurance & HNB General Insurance Win 5 Awards at NASCO 2015

Highlights: Best overall front liner of the year in Sri Lanka, Two Gold Awards, One Silver Award and One Bronze Award

HNB Assurance and HNB General Insurance secured 5 awards at the National Sales Congress Awards (NASCO) organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) recently. NASCO 2015 is the premier event dedicated to recognize the efforts and performance of sales professionals and is the only event in the country to distinguish and reward Sri Lankan sales personnel in numerous organizations.

We are proud to say that HNBA and HNBGI won awards in a number of categories in both Life Insurance & General Insurance. U K K C Silva of the Colombo North branch was awarded as the ‘Best overall front liner in Sri Lanka’ and also won the Gold award in the ‘Life Insurance front liner’ category. Janaka Suranga who hails from our Panadura Branch bagged the Gold award in the ‘General Insurance’ category. The Silver Award in the ‘Life Insurance Sales Executive’ category was presented to Nirosha Dilrukshi of Kiribathgoda, whereas Pradeep Priyankara of Embilipitiya was awarded the Bronze award in the ‘General Insurance front liner’ category.

HNB Assurance Wins
NASCO 2015 Awards Winners of HNB Assurance and HNB General Insurance with the Senior Management; Chandana Aluthgama – Chief Business Officer – HNBGI, Ivan Nicholas – Head of Distribution HNBA, Dilshan Perera – Head of Marketing of HNB Assurance and HNB General Insurance, Jehan Haniff – Manager Sales Administration and Training of HNBGI and Sudath Perera – National Sales Training and Development Manager of HNBA

Commenting on the achievement, acting CEO of HNB Assurance & HNB General Insurance Niranjan Manickam stated, “This year too we have maintained our stance in winning the best & we are proud of this achievement that demonstrates the outstanding performance of our sales team which has won this distinction at the national level. This sheer victory is a blend of hard work, determinations and focus. We hope that their success is an example to other sales personnel to strive for excellence. My heartiest congratulations to the winners and hope they will continue to excel in what they do in many years to come.”

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Wanna start Yoga? Here are 7 tips for beginners

Going somewhere new can be a pretty daunting affair. It may be as drastic as moving to a new country, going to a new school or taking a zumba class  Either way, everyone experiences these moments anxiety of exposing themselves in public. We came up with a short list of tips which we recommend you read before going for your first yoga class.

1. Prepare right and light: Wear loose, comfortable clothing which allows you to stretch. Yoga is pretty demanding exercise for those who are new, so make sure that you wear flexible clothing which you are fond so that you’re not concerned with your attire and how you look. In addition, bring a towel and a water bottle to stay well hydrated.

2. Show up early: First impressions are important here. Don’t ever show up late. You need to take control and let go of your distractions. This is the point of yoga. The other perk is that you get a chance to introduce yourself to the instructor and make friends with a few other people, which lessens the anxiety.

Young woman silhouette practicing yoga on the sea beach at sunset
Trying out Yoga? Show up early

3. Don’t eat a big meal beforehand: Eating a big meal and then going to do yoga is a very poor idea. Try not to eat for at least a few hours before class. If you do need to eat though, munch on a few nuts, yogurt, kadala or fruit.

4. Do not disturb: If you get in late for class, or need to leave early, use a little common sense and stay by the entrance/exit and make as little noise as possible when you enter/exit. Your yoga instructor and fellow participants will appreciate the effort.

Focus on getting the most out of your yoga session

5. It’s OK to get assistance: If your teacher assists you, don’t be nervous. Sometimes you may be doing the poses incorrectly (which can cause injury and/or prevent you from getting the most of your workout). This happens especially for newbies, and sometimes even the more experienced members of the class.

6. Switch off your phone: The purpose of yoga is to avoid distractions. Keep your phone in your backpack or car, because you can afford to get off the grid for a little over an hour. Seriously, its OK to disconnect now and then.Besides, bringing a phone to class can disrupt the momentum of the class, and contribute to embarrassing moments such as having your phone ring when you’re in the middle of a quiet, deep stretch.

silent phone
The sign says it all: Keep your phone on silent, else switch it off

7: Talk to a doctor: You ought to be physically fit to practice. If you really aren’t sure if its right for you, speak to your doctor before you get involved. The last thing anyone wants to do is to look silly and/or get injured! 

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

6 Easy Tips to protect your eyes

Our eyes are very important to us. As the old saying goes, eyes are the window to the soul. That being said, we don’t often think about our eyes until something goes wrong. Naturally, prevention is better than cure so we have a few ideas about how you can protect your eyes:

1. See an eye doctor

Eye doctors, or optometrists are individuals who you ought to consult with on occasion. If you have an issue with your eyes speak to an eye doctor. If you’re not sure how often you ought to have a check up, ask your doctor for assistance.  It is generally recommended that you check your eyes once in two years if you are healthy. If you are older 40 and/or have diabetes, then have an eye exam.

eye doctor, optometrist checking persons eyes
See an eye doctor and make sure that your eyes are in good health

2. Hands off your eyes: Yes, its a pretty old saying but please ensure that you keep your hands clean by washing them often and refrain from touching your eyes. This is a great way to reduce risk of eye infections. Be especially particularly careful when handling hot, spicy foods. If you encounter such a situation rinse your eyes with water immediately

3. Don’t smoke: As we pointed out earlier (link to stop smoking article), a side effect of smoking is that it contributes to a plethora of eye diseases such as cataracts (cloudy vision) and glaucoma (a leading cause of blindness). So if you are a smoker, you have another reason to stop smoking and stay away from those toxic fumes.

Eat lots of green, healthy foods to provide nutrients for your eyes

4. Eat healthy foods: Whenever possible, eat a variety of fruits and vegetables as they provide nutritional benefits and keep your eyes nice and healthy. In fact, carrots and green, leafy vegetables are especially popular. So make sure that you eat your greens such as spinach, ‘pala’ & arugula.

5. Use the 20/20/20 rule: Let’s be honest, we use our electronic devices far more these days. In fact, you’re using one to read this right now! Adopt the 20/20/20 rule- take a break every 20minutes and stare at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. The point is that prolonged exposure to electronic devices is bad for you so make it a point to take breaks often and use devices with better lighting, larger font sizes whenever possible

woman wearing sunglasses, spectacles worn by woman
Sunglasses are no longer fashion accessories; they are essentials

6. Wear sunglasses: This applies to a lot of people. Wear sunglasses-they are not just for show. In fact, they are useful in protecting your eyes by filtering out UV rays, stop your eyes drying out and keeping dust particles away from your eyes

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5 Ways to Deal With Interruptions to Your Gym Routine

I cant go to the gym tomorrow, I just don’t have the time because I’m always interrupted.

Sound familiar ? You may have used it last month, last week or even last night. If this is you, fear not. Sometimes, life throws certain events- an unexpected bout of illness, a family function, a long day at work or sometimes a holiday on a weekday which can lead to a long weekend. Interruptions do happen. That said, we feel that you can adapt to these interruptions by focusing on these 5 methods:

1. Expect interruptions: If you’re in university and/or work, there are certain times of the year which you should expect it. For example, individuals who work in finance/accounts often need to update accounts at the end of each month, so they should realize that these interruptions will occur. The next step is to give yourself a little leeway- so instead of hitting the gym 5 times a week, focus on going for 3 days instead.

man tie NIKE shoes
Some exercise is better than no exercise

2. Don’t let disturbances stress you out: We’ve mentioned before about the importance of identifying and reacting to stressful situations. Bottom line? Don’t stress, just plan to exercise on another day instead, and stick to it this time!

3. Rearrange a better time-slot: schedule just 30 minutes of exercise before or after the event you need to get to. At the end of the day, getting some exercise is better than no exercise at all. Another perk is that it improves your mood, so if nothing else push yourself to get moving in order for to save your sanity!

Eat healthy when possible

4. Incorporate exercises to your daily routines: Instead of driving, try a short walk to the bus stop instead. Take the stairway instead of using the elevator, walk a little after lunch. It may seem pretty simple, but these things do add up at the end of the day.

swimming pool girl
If you’re on vacation, take a dip in the pool or the beach

5. If you’re traveling or on holiday, adopt healthy habits; For example, walk where possible, as its still a popular form of exercise and can be quite relaxing when you’re in a new destination, go for a swim if you’re at a beach or swimming pool, and if you’re in a hotel, take part in activities like a game of tennis or book a gym session.

What’s the Point?: YOU have the power to affect your schedule when it comes to exercise. Yes, it may require you to plan these interruptions and then adapt your routine from time to time. However, its a great learning experience-besides, who doesn’t want to stay healthy?

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

Tips to quit smoking: Part I

You have probably heard that smoking is bad for you. Quitting is widely recognized in being hugely beneficial for your health. If you are reading this, you are probably looking to get serious and stop smoking, but realize its easier said than done. We have written some ideas to help you quit smoking for good. Give them a try!

1. Write it down

As we wrote earlier, putting down your ideas on paper makes it an ‘official promise’ for you to keep. Ask yourself, why don’t you like smoking, and why do you want to quit. For example: do you get nervous about health risks? Do you dislike the constant smell of tobacco? Is your habit too much of a financial expense? Do you worry about whether you will be around for your loved ones? Write these down & keep it in a place where you see if often: your wallet/purse or bathroom mirror/fridge. The list will give you the motivation to curb your instincts the next time you feel like lighting up.

Answer this question: Why Do I want to stop smoking?

2. Get a support network

Now that you’ve taken the first step, seek support from people you: friends, family or coworkers and tell them that you’re trying to stop smoking and want their help. They can be a good influence on you by helping you to stay true to your promise the next time you feel the need for a puff. You can also join a support group such as Sumithrayo or 7cups of tea, with trained listeners (including Sri Lankans) who will patiently listen to a variety of problems such as smoking, depression, alcohol abuse etc. The main point? Having a good support network gives you a push in the right direction.

stop smoking, keep calm and stop smoking
Your friends will help you to stop smoking

3. Talk to your doctor

This is not a new problem, ask your local doctor about ways to stop smoking. Given that its a medical issue, doctors are likely to be connected towards fellow professionals who can help you out. Furthermore, this strengthens your desire to stop smoking since you’re reaching out to a health professional.

Celebrate when you avoid giving in to temptation

4. Manage your stress

Being under a lot of stress and anxiety is more likely to lead you to smoke, which is the last thing you want to do when you’re trying to quit. In order to stay in control, we urge you to look at our earlier articles about what stresses you out and learn how to manage your stress triggers and follow these ideas to get on the road to recovery.

5. Take it slow

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people who wish to quit smoking immediately rarely succeed- it requires you to change your behavior drastically. If this is you, set a date by which you wish to stop smoking- a year from today would be appropriate. Set little milestones along the way to mark progress- for example, the day you delayed your first cigarette of the day, the day you smoked just one pack, or weekend you switched 2 days of smoking with exercise.

When you do reach those milestones, reward yourself with something you like-such as an edible treat, or even let your friends/family/support group know. They will be delighted to celebrate in your success and not only will it make you happier, but they will help you attain your goals to live smoke-free.

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.