Wanna start Yoga? Here are 7 tips for beginners

Going somewhere new can be a pretty daunting affair. It may be as drastic as moving to a new country, going to a new school or taking a zumba class  Either way, everyone experiences these moments anxiety of exposing themselves in public. We came up with a short list of tips which we recommend you read before going for your first yoga class.

1. Prepare right and light: Wear loose, comfortable clothing which allows you to stretch. Yoga is pretty demanding exercise for those who are new, so make sure that you wear flexible clothing which you are fond so that you’re not concerned with your attire and how you look. In addition, bring a towel and a water bottle to stay well hydrated.

2. Show up early: First impressions are important here. Don’t ever show up late. You need to take control and let go of your distractions. This is the point of yoga. The other perk is that you get a chance to introduce yourself to the instructor and make friends with a few other people, which lessens the anxiety.

Young woman silhouette practicing yoga on the sea beach at sunset
Trying out Yoga? Show up early

3. Don’t eat a big meal beforehand: Eating a big meal and then going to do yoga is a very poor idea. Try not to eat for at least a few hours before class. If you do need to eat though, munch on a few nuts, yogurt, kadala or fruit.

4. Do not disturb: If you get in late for class, or need to leave early, use a little common sense and stay by the entrance/exit and make as little noise as possible when you enter/exit. Your yoga instructor and fellow participants will appreciate the effort.

Focus on getting the most out of your yoga session

5. It’s OK to get assistance: If your teacher assists you, don’t be nervous. Sometimes you may be doing the poses incorrectly (which can cause injury and/or prevent you from getting the most of your workout). This happens especially for newbies, and sometimes even the more experienced members of the class.

6. Switch off your phone: The purpose of yoga is to avoid distractions. Keep your phone in your backpack or car, because you can afford to get off the grid for a little over an hour. Seriously, its OK to disconnect now and then.Besides, bringing a phone to class can disrupt the momentum of the class, and contribute to embarrassing moments such as having your phone ring when you’re in the middle of a quiet, deep stretch.

silent phone
The sign says it all: Keep your phone on silent, else switch it off

7: Talk to a doctor: You ought to be physically fit to practice. If you really aren’t sure if its right for you, speak to your doctor before you get involved. The last thing anyone wants to do is to look silly and/or get injured! 

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