5 Signs that you are dehydrated

How do I know if I’m dehydrated? Given that we live in hot, humid conditions, we are far more prone to being dehydrated. Being dehydrated in these conditions isn’t good as it can lead to all sorts of health  problems.We have identified 5 signs which indicate that you are dehydrated-and should you encounter any of them make it a point to drink some water immediately.


1 –Dry skin

If you don’t have sufficient water, chances are your skin will be dry-it will be a little rough and white. This may be because you don’t take showers often or simply because you are dehydrated. The effect is more profound in cooler climates. Yes, some people do use moisturizers to bring the skin back to normal, but we strongly suggest that you ‘go natural’  by drinking water frequently.

2– Dry mouth

This is by far the most obvious sign, your lips will feel dry and your tongue can also swell up. If you feel this at any stage have a glass of water immediately. Other warning signs are cracked lips, a dry feeling in the throat. If you have taken water frequently and the feeling does persist, do consult a doctor as soon as possible.

dry skin
If you have dry skin, keeping drinking more water

3 – Feeling Dizzy

When you are dehydrated, the body adapts by taking water out of your body, including your blood.  Subsequently, your blood pressure drops which will causes you to feel lightheaded, nauseous and dizzy. If you feel dizzy, please STOP whatever you are doing and sit/lie down. Take good care of yourself until you have sufficient water in your body.

4 – Difficulty in going to the bathroom

When you don’t have much water in your system, then your pee becomes more concentrated. The lack of water means that its more dehydrated and becomes more yellowish. Sometimes, going to the bathroom can be problematic due to a lack of water. As a result,make sure that you drink frequently; these individuals often go to the bathroom with  be able to go the loo with the urine being a clear white colour.

bathroom sign
Hard to go in the bathroom?           Quench your thirst

5 – Lack of sweat

Sweating is the body’s natural sprinkler system. When we sweat, the water evaporates from your skin and helps to cool down your body. Once you are severely dehydrated, sweat production stops as sweat is mostly made up of water. When this happens, you will overheat, leading to  numerous heat related illnesses such as heatstroke.

Bottom line: If you encounter any of these signs, you are dehydrated. So make it a point to rehydrate now and then for your own health. If you have any trouble remembering, try and keep a water bottle in your line of sight, or use a mobile app such as Water Alert or Daily to remind yourself to drink a glass of water every hour or two. Until next week, stay hydrated!

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

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