5 Ways to Mould Your Children into Future Leaders

1. Don’t Obsess About Achievement   

Parents from our part of the world are extremely competitive. The popular notion is that being fixating on performance will make children high achievers. However, this can be seriously problematic, especially when we talk about leadership; leadership is not about where one person does everything-leaders surround themselves with capable individuals because they cant do everything by themselves. Help your kids understand that to go far in life, they will need to work together.

Groom children to be good leaders.

2. Don’t Praise in excess

You know how you praise the kids for doing a good job over and over again? Don’t do that. Children need to develop self confidence to become leaders when they grow up. Excessively praising them lulls them into a false sense of security. By all means, show that you admire their passion, just don’t make them out to be brilliant when you know its not the case.

over praise
Don’t go overboard and praise kids excessively.

3. Let them take risks and fail

A lot of parents are very protective of their kids. When they don’t let children take little risks, it creates a defensive mentality. Let them take risks and experience failure at a young age. This will help them deal with it at a later date during adulthood. Furthermore, if they do fail, give them your support, and show them that they can bounce back from failure and its not the end of the world by giving them your love and support as parents. Let them take risks, just make sure that if they fall, you’ll help them get back up again.

4.Say No

If a child wants something, it’s tempting to indulge them; after all, you may not have had the same opportunities and you want to give your child the best right? Wrong. Overindulging them will limit their development as leaders. You see, leaders delay instant gratification and work towards things which are important. Help kids learn to develop their patience the next time they ask for candy!

Let kids take risks & be there for them if they fall

5. Walk The Talk

People can smell authenticity a mile away. The same applies to kids as well. They may think that people are perfect, but that’s not true. Be authentic as a parent, not just in what you say but also in what you do. When your kids see that you’re backing up your words with similar actions, they too will see this and ideally aspire to do the same in the future.

Parents, which one of these did you these do you like? If you have any pearls of wisdom, please share them in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

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