Deskercise Tips – Exercises at Your Desk.

Here are some simple yet effective exercises which you can do at your desk or even while working.

  • Paper Push-Ups

This is an exercise to strengthen your arms. Use both your hands to and place them on your desk, walk your feet back to a 45° angle. Do about 12-15 push-ups.

  • Book Press

This focuses on your triceps.  Here’s how you should do it; Grab the heaviest book on your desk. Hold the book behind your head and then extend your arms up. Drop it back down by your neck and repeat the process.

  • Shoulder-Blade Squeezes

This is a great exercise to improve the hunched posture. Here’s how you should do it; Pretend to hold a pencil behind your shoulder-blades and squeeze them together for about 10 seconds. Release it and then repeat.

  • Chair Squats

This will surely help you to get into better shape. This is how you should do it; Standing about 6” in front of your chair, lower yourself until you touch the edge of the chair, then pop back up and repeat.

  • Wall Sits

This surely will help you to tone your squads. Stand against a blank wall space and squat down to a 90° angle. Slide back up and repeat.

  • Leg Raise

This helps to tighten your abs. Here’s how you can do it; While sitting, straighten your leg and hold it for about 10 seconds. Lower it almost to the floor, hold it and repeat it on the other side.


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