Know More About Heat Stress

Heat waves could easily stress out your body’s cooling system. When heat waves are combined with other stresses such as; hard physical work, loss of fluids or even fatigues, it could lead to many serious illness, disability or even death! Here are some tips which you should keep in mind about these dangerous heat waves especially during this season.

  • Water is crucial to helping the body adjust to high temperatures. The rate of water intake must be equal to the increased rate of water loss by perspiration to keep body temperature normal. When it’s hot, drink plenty of water!
  • Overheating heat waves could result in heat cramps: Heavy sweating drains the body of salt, which cannot be replaced by simply drinking water and this could lead to painful cramps in arms, legs, or stomach while on the job, or later at home.
  • Here’s what you should do if you experience heat cramps: Move to a cool area at once. Loosen clothing and drink cool, lightly-salted water or a commercial fluid replacement beverage. Seek medical aid if the cramps are severe, or don’t go away.
  • Heat exhaustion is another health concern involved with overheating heat waves. Inadequate water and salt intake causes the body’s cooling system to break down. Symptoms include heavy sweating, cool, moist skin, body temperature over 38 degrees, weak pulse, and normal or low blood pressure. Get medical help immediately! Heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke, which can kill. Move the person to a cool, shaded area. Loosen or remove excess clothing. Provide cool, lightly-salted water. Fan and spray the victim with cool water.
  • Heat stroke can kill a person quickly! Once the body uses up all its water and salt, sweating ceases. Temperature can rise quickly. You can assume a person is suffering from heat stroke if their body temperature is over 41 degrees.

Make sure you protect yourself from these dangerous heat waves and in case you notice any of the above symptoms, seek immediate medical help.



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