Thunderstorms and Lightening

Thunderstorms and lightening could take over many lives and destroy many worthy things. It is always important to stay safe and follow safety tips to avoid any lightening damages. Here are some important tips to keep in mind.

  • Keep Away from Water:
    Keep away from water, bathing, laundry or even washing dishes. Plumbing is one of the main ways which lightning enters a structure after striking. Metal water and sewage pipes are considered to be excellent conductors of electricity and the water they carry can be laden with impurities that also help conduct electricity.
  •  Keep Away from Telephones:
    A bolt of lightning could easily strike a telephone pole and could cause an electrical surge to shoot through the telephone lines which could harm your body or even end your life. Make sure you stay away from telephone devices when there’s heavy lightning.
  • Stay Away from Windows/Doors:
    Make sure you stay away from any opened spaces or even windows or doors. Lightning has been known to strike through glass as well as travel through unsealed cracks along doors and windowpanes.
  • Stay Safe on the Road:
    The car’s metal frame that keeps the driver and passengers’ safe while inside. Should lightning strike a vehicle, its metal frame will conduct the electrical current around the outside frame of the car and into the ground below
  • Keep Away from Electrical Appliances:
    In case lightning strikes  your vehicle, some portions of its electrical current can flow through its electrical systems and metal appendages, including the radio, cell phone charger, USB connectors, GPS units, car door handles, foot pedals, and even the steering wheel. Therefore, the best way to stay safe is to pull to the side of the road, turn on your hazard lights, turn off the engine, keep your hands in your lap, keep the windows rolled up, and wait until the thunderstorm has passed before continuing on your journey or exiting the car.

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