Flood Emergency Tips

You may not be able to predict an emergency flood especially during this rainy season. however, it is important to be prepared and to protect yourself from an emergency flood caused due to a heavy rainfall. Here are some tips to stay safe during an emergency flood.

  1. Be alert of your surrounding. Monitor the surrounding environment during the rainy season and know the weather condition. Keep your self updated.
  2. Stay out of low-level areas subjected to flooding and do not drive through flooded areas.
  3. Ensure disaster supplies such as; drinking water, emergency clothing, flashlight, medicine, footwear and important documents such as; identification documents and other important documents.
  4. Be prepared to evacuate. Identify safe places to move out to.
  5. Identify alternative travel routes that are not prone to flooding. Keep your family, friends and neighbors informed.
  6. If there is time, move valuable furniture to higher levels.
  7. Move hazardous material such as: pesticides, oil and gas cylinders to higher levels.
  8. Disconnect electrical appliances before you evacuate and keep valuable electrical appliances on a higher level. Do not touch or lift any electrical appliance if they are already in water
  9. If possible, use flotation devices and lifesaving jackets if the water levels rise.
  10. Before you leave, make sure you lock the doors to avoid any further damage and shut off water and electrical services before you evacuate.

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