The Life Policy Click: HNBA eLife Policy in 04 Easy Steps!

 A Guide to HNBA’s eLife Policy

Your life is a precious gift. Wrap it safe. Protect yourself and your loved ones while you can. Getting an e-Life policy is just as easy as saying 1-2-3-4! Simple follow the below mentioned steps to generate your life policy.

Click 01:

Click on the ‘Get your policy now’ on the landing page of the ‘eLife‘ or simply click on

step 1


Click 02: 

Select the desired premium amount or the maturity payment period. Click on the yellow or the blue highlighted frame based on you preference.

step 2


Click 03: 

Fill in the relevant fields to obtain an instant estimate for your eLife policy. You can select the term in years as well as the desired sum assured. Based on this selection, the monthly premium will be shown.

step 1.2


Click 04:

Fill in your details and tell us about yourself and simply submit by clicking ‘Next Step’

step 1.1


Process Guidance:

The completion status will be displayed throughout the process  along with a summary. This will help you to keep track of the details provided. step 5

Voilà! Upon completion, an agent will get in touch with you to provide further details!

step 6

05 Simple Health Tips

Here are some easy health tips to live by..

  1. Cook Your Own Meals

This is one important way to stay in control of your diet. This helps you to keep track of the daily calorie count

  1. Focus on a Balanced Diet

Make sure each meal covers at least one item of the food pyramid, within the required wuantity range based on the gender and age group

  1. Know What you Eat/Drink

Be mindful of what you eat and drink and what it contains. The calorie count, the impact it has on your body and how it helps in energizing.

  1. Make Sure to Read

Make sure you read the details stated on the packaging material. Make a note of the calories and be mindful of the recommended portion sizes, sugar, salt and saturated fat content.

  1. Drink Enough Water

Water, as you know is an essential part of your day. Consume purified water as much as possible.