HNB Assurance Holds ‘Suwathi Diviyata Magak’ Session 03

Continuing the healthy living initiative, HNB Assurance PLC (HNBA) held its 3rd session of Suwathi Diviyata Magak recently. The session was held at the Nawaloka Grounds in Welisara. The 3rd healthy living session commenced with an aerobic session led by a professional trainer and was followed with a discussion which focused on health, well-being and healthy living habits.

Sharing views on the healthy living initiative, Head of Marketing of HNBA and its fully owned subsidiary HNB General Insurance Limited (HNBGI), Dinesh Yogaratnam stated “As a company in the business of providing protection, Suwathi Diviyata Magak is our initiative of reminding the society at large that real protection begins with each person taking care of themselves by engaging in regular and sustained physical activity which has been proved medically to provide many health benefits. In today’s fast paced world in which we are called upon to play multiple roles it has become hard for us to allocate time to engage in such physical activities. Therefore through this initiative we endeavor to educate people on the correct exercises that would help people spend their time efficiently in obtaining the exercise they need”.


Image Caption: A section of the aerobics session


HNB Assurance Wins Gold at SAFA Awards

HNB Assurance PLC (HNBA) walked home with another top award for its 2015 Annual Report recently. The Company’s annual report was awarded for its transparency, accountability and good governance with a Gold Award at the South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA) Annual Report Awards under the Insurance Sector category, which was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh recently.

Sharing thoughts on this win Chief Executive Officer of HNBA and its fully owned subsidiary HNB General Insurance Limited (HNBGI) Deepthi Lokuarachchi stated “We are extremely honored to be the recipient of this prestigious award as this exhibits the commitment of the Company and the continuous measures to improve our spirit in disclosing transparent, reliable and relevant financial information to our stakeholders. The annual report of a company is its calling-card to inform all of its stakeholders on its financial, non-financial information as well as the Company’s sustainable business practices and procedures. Over the years HNBA has set a benchmark through its financial reporting sphere and the Company will continue to disclose financial information adhering to accounting practices and legislative requirements”.

Speaking on this victory, Indika Perera, Chief Finance Officer of HNBA and HNBGI stated that this is an acknowledgement the Company received for its robust practices in financial reporting and presentation, especially from a body which looks into accounting standards of leading corporations across the region. Speaking further, Indika Perera expressed his sincere gratitude stating “the Company was able to witness this victory as a result of the dedication, commitment and collaboration of an astonishing team in the process of completing the annual report of the Company”. The annual report of the Company won multiple honors this year for its reporting standards, presentation and transparency.

Image Caption: HNBA representative Tharuka Jayasekara receiving the award from Mr. Abul Maal Abdul Muhit, Honorable Minister, Ministry of Finance – Government of Bangladesh 

05 Best Job Interview Tips

Here are some effective interview tips to face a job interview successfully.

  • Know about your employer:

Carry out a background study and conduct an in-depth research about the employer. Know about the industry, the macro and mic conditions acting upon the industry. The more research you conduct, the more you’ll understand the employer, and the better you’ll be able to answer interview questions

  • Prepare effective responses for common interview question:

This is another effective way to prepare for an interview. Identify common questions related tot he job as well as the industry. Prepare for questions from and individual interviewer as well as a panel.

  • Dress code matter:

The first impression matter. Select a dress code which reflects your personality. Be mindful of the colors, designs and other elements of the dress code

  • Arrive on time:

Be at the given location at least 15 minutes prior to the allocated time. This will help you to relax and be ready for the interview.

  • Be authentic and confident:

Be focused on the questions and answer with confidence. The key to success is the quality and delivery of your responses. Provide solid examples of your accomplishments and your strengths.


Career Tips to Think Through

Here are some golden career tips to think through

  • Surround yourself with grounded, positive people

Having a support system that loves you and encourages you and tell you how great you are is one element of having positive thinkers around you.  Be with those you are honest to you, who direct you on the correct path and those who encourage you to rise beyond your limit.

  • Ask yourself why you want what you want

It is so important to recognize not only what you are passionate about but why you are pursuing a career with passion and commitment and how this could be applied to the world.

  • Accept that fear is going to come up

Fear surely exists. But the reaction to fear and the way responded greatly vary.  The power to overcome this fear is within you. Face your fear with courage. If you have the willingness and a determined heart to reach out to your goals, nothing will be able to hold you down

  • Work harder on yourself than your business

Stay focused on your goals. Be courageous and determined to achieve your goals even through hardships and challenges. While you stay focused on achieving your goals, make sure to work on yourself and to improve yourself by capitalizing on your strengths.

Career Tips in 30 Seconds

Here are some valuable career tips for you to go through in less than 30 seconds!

  • A memorable first impression is made in less than 30 seconds
  • Focus on positive energy, optimism and good thoughts
  • Smile with a memorable greeting
  • Look pleasant and stay prepared with a go-getter spirit
  • Answer every question with confidence and a smile
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Always show gratitude
  • Have an update CV
  • Maintain a strong professional reputation
  • Surround yourself with positive thinkers
  • Persistence beat resistance
  • Show the wilingess to walk that extra mile
  • Show the willingness to diversify your skill set
  • Know your strengths and your weaknesses
  • Be polite and grateful for the opportunity
  • Never assume defeat – Stay motivated!


Stay tuned for more career tips and career guidance from HNBA!