Things you should do after a flood

Here are some useful tips to take care of yourself, your loves ones and your property after a flood.

  • Make sure you have permission from emergency officers/authorities to get back inside your house.
  • Ensure that the sounding environment has cleared and it is safe to move in back to your property. Lookout for any safety warnings from authorities
  • Keep all power and electrical appliance switched off until the house is cleaned up properly. Make sure the property is well inspected by a qualified electrical personnel and confirms that it is safe to relocate.
  • Make sure you have photographs, or a record of all the damage, as it may be needed for insurance claims.
  • Clean the entire home, together with all the objects in it very well before you use them again. They may be contaminated. Use antibacterial solutions and disinfectants to clean every object in the house.
  • Wear appropriate gear (mask and gloves) before cleaning begins.
  • Keep children away until the property is entirely cleaned.



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