A Look Back at HNBA’s Community Based Engagements

Contemporary business practices in the 21st century revolves around business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Every business venture strives to do ‘good’ especially within the communities which they operate in. Challenging the established corporate norm and the clichéd meaning of ‘corporate social responsibility’, HNB Assurance (HNBA) drove many CSR initiatives during the course of 2017 to portray the true meaning of being a socially responsible corporate citizen.

Sharing his views, Managing Director/CEO of HNBA and its fully owned subsidiary HNB General Insurance Limited, Deepthi Lokuarachchi stated “as a business focused on protection and wellbeing of people, we challenge ourselves to drive social and environmental change. The Group pays great emphasis on the community which it operates in, the environment and its people. Great efforts are made across the Group to ensure that every possible measure is taken to minimize the impact on the environment and uplift the lives of people. The Group has categorized its corporate philanthropy into seven main focus areas. Our ultimate goal is to protect our community and help them smile and with every step taken, we strike to create a meaningful difference and enrich the living standards of the people”.

Under the award winning Water Stewardship program of the Company 04 schools were provided access to clean drinking water during the year, bringing the total of such facilities provided to 50 schools with over 6,500 students. Speaking on the CSR activities of the Company, Dinesh Yogaratnam, Head of Marketing of HNBA and HNBGI stated, “Amongst several other significant CSR initiatives, HNBA sponsored the Deaf Cricket Team of Sri Lanka for the 3rd Asia Deaf Cricket Cup which was held in Hyderabad, India under the category of sports. The Company provided financial assistance to veteran artists during 2017 under the category of arts and culture. We have been a part of a school rehabilitation program which focused on developing infrastructure of underprivileged schools and has provided multiple scholarships for university students under the category of education. Our Corporate Stewardship initiatives endeavors to touch as many lives as possible in areas that we feel has the most pressing need. We will continue to do our part, in our own way to help enliven and uplift the lives of those in our community”.


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