HNBA and HNBGI Holds Annual Staff Conference

HNB Assurance PLC (HNBA) and it fully owned subsidiary HNB General Insurance Limited (HNBGI) held its Annual Staff Conference recently at BMICH, Colombo. The event was graced by the presence of Mrs. Rose Cooray, Chairperson of HNBA and HNBGI as chief guest together with Mr. Deepthi Lokuarachchi, Managing Director/CEO of HNBA and HNBGI with members of the Boards of HNBA and HNBGI and other distinguished guests.

Speaking at this special occasion, Chairperson of HNBA and HNBGI Mrs. Rose Cooray stated, “this year we have come together as one family to celebrate the achievements, winning spirit and talents of our staff and the Annual Staff Conference of HNBA and HNBGI hold great significance in our event calendar. It is important to recognize and reward the laudable  efforts and the success of the Group which owes a great deal to the efforts and dedication of our staff and today we stand together to thank and appreciate our staff for their immense contribution to make HNBA and HNBGI solid players in the market”. Speaking on the future outlook of the Group Mrs. Cooray added “the Group must strive to push the envelope further in order to strengthen its presence in industry and should take all endeavors towards developing its market share and rank. The two Boards remain committed and are confident that this dynamic team would continue to add greater value to all its stakeholders”.

Sharing his thoughts, Managing Director/CEO of HNBA and HNBGI Mr. Deepthi Lokuarachchi stated, “The HNBA Group was able to deliver a solid performance and was able to challenge the industry during 2017 and our growth was fueled by the top-notch performance of our staff at every capacity. Each year we recognize a number of highfliers who have pushed boundaries and are presented with the Chairman’s Award for Excellence. Reiterating the importance of facing challenges in the market Mr. Lokuarahchi added “it is important to review and revisit our product portfolio as a mechanism to cope with the challenges of this economic backdrop as well as to overcome the socio-economic challenges prevailing in the market and with the expertise, competencies and the go-getter spirit of our staff, we’re sure the Group will be able to create an unmatchable competitive advantage and will be able to yield more significant results during this year”.


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