Benefits of Life Insurance: What are they?

Life Insurance has many benefits to it. Not only it has a protection element, but it provides a helping hand in uncertain situations in life. Listed below are some key benefits of having a Life Insurance policy.

  • A Full Life Cover

The Life Cover refers to the primary benefit of the Life Insurance policy. The Life Cover will be paid to the nominated party in an unfortunate situation. There are several factors  such as the sum needed to cover daily expenses and the amount needed to overcome during an uncertain situation should be considered.

  • Long-Term Savings

A Life Insurance policy provides a systematic path by creating savings for the future. These saving would help in building a stable retirement fund or a fund for your family and children.

  • Specific Planning

Every individual goes through various stages in life and the needs and challenges of each stage differ. Having a Life Insurance policy for various life stages would help individuals to face uncertain situations and other challenges with confidence and determination.


The Benefits of Life Insurance

As individuals cannot predict the future, or uncertainties associated with the future having a secure plan is always a wise decision. There are many benefits associated with a Life Insurance policy. Most of these benefits are directly communicated to individuals through the policy.

Given below are the main benefits of a Life Insurance policy.

  • An investment with Protection: Life Insurance is not just a plan for uncertain situations or hard times. A Life Insurance policy should be viewed as an investment with an element of protection. Every Life Insurance policy has its own benefits and returns and individuals should be aware of such benefits.


  • Benefits to Enjoy within Your Lifespan: Life Insurance policies contain many benefits and most of these benefits could be enjoyed within the lifespan. Apart from providing a helping hand in time of need and protecting individuals from crisis situations, Life Insurance contains many ad-on benefits. Individuals should be wise in deciding the best Life Insurance policy to suit every need.


  • A Return on Investment: Life Insurance policy has its own return on the investment capital. Individuals are entitled to this at the period of maturity. The return would depend on the amount invested and the terms of the policy.


Each Life Insurance policy has its own benefits and return. Individuals should seek the best policy in the market which suit every need.

The Life Policy Click: HNBA eLife Policy in 04 Easy Steps!

 A Guide to HNBA’s eLife Policy

Your life is a precious gift. Wrap it safe. Protect yourself and your loved ones while you can. Getting an e-Life policy is just as easy as saying 1-2-3-4! Simple follow the below mentioned steps to generate your life policy.

Click 01:

Click on the ‘Get your policy now’ on the landing page of the ‘eLife‘ or simply click on

step 1


Click 02: 

Select the desired premium amount or the maturity payment period. Click on the yellow or the blue highlighted frame based on you preference.

step 2


Click 03: 

Fill in the relevant fields to obtain an instant estimate for your eLife policy. You can select the term in years as well as the desired sum assured. Based on this selection, the monthly premium will be shown.

step 1.2


Click 04:

Fill in your details and tell us about yourself and simply submit by clicking ‘Next Step’

step 1.1


Process Guidance:

The completion status will be displayed throughout the process  along with a summary. This will help you to keep track of the details provided. step 5

Voilà! Upon completion, an agent will get in touch with you to provide further details!

step 6

03 Reasons to Invest in a Child Insurance Plan

Three important reasons to think of child insurance plans:

  • Higher Education

Every parent dream of educating their children and providing the best in terms of education and development.  Most often the cost associated would be a  barrier in supporting a child’s dream. This is one such reason to draw your attention on investing in a policy which is primarily designed for children and their future needs.

  • Medical Emergency Aid

Tomorrow is never predictable. In case of an emergency, leave no space for regrets. Most policies offer an illness cover or allows to withdraw an amount in case of a sudden medical emergency. It is important to know if the child policy invested in include the above mentioned features. An insurance plan with such features would truly provide you peace of mind even in an unplanned situation.

  • A Source of Income

Similar to the return of an investment, the return of an insurance policy could be a rewarding return. This could be very useful to plan your child’s future in terms of higher education or career development. The sum returned at maturity could be in a productive manner create a better future for your child.


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Keep Them Safe; Tomorrow is Never Promised.

Tomorrow is never promised. In this uncertain journey called ‘life’, take every possible measure you could to protect your family’s future and everyone you care about. In an unfortunate situation, life insurance would be the bridge that your family and loved ones could use to cross over without any fear or uncertainties.

You could lose everything you’ve built, loved and worked for in the blink of an eye. But, if you have taken the relevant measures or the necessary steps, funding living expenses in an unfortunate situation until the household regains its financial footing will not be a different task. Life insurance often seem to be way of protection, but this could also be a source of financial stability. In many instance, life insurance can help you to replace your income in an unfortunate situation. Investing on a life insurance with retirement benefits could help you enlighten the golden eve of your life.

In addition to the above mentioned, life insurance can help address other debts your family has that could compromise their financial security, such as credit card debt, a mortgage, or auto loans. A source to provide for your family as well as to plan out the future of your children. A life insurance could greatly influence your child’s future in terms of education, development and growth.


Protect your loved ones. Know more about our MyChild, MyLife, MyFund and MyPension Insurance plans to secure the future of your loved ones.

Call us on 011 4 384 384 for more details!