Cleaning Your Home after Flood Damage

A sudden flood can cause severe damage to your home and furniture. This damage would be even severe if the water level is not minimized or quick measures are taken to get rid of water. Although some of these factors cannot be controlled, here are some tips to take care of your beloved home.

  • Get rid of water

There are several ways to get rid of water. If you are too concerned about wires and fixtures, there’s a traditional option of drying out the area by using old absorbents like towels, rugs, mops and sponge which could soak out water. Do not use any unsafe cords or wires connected to vacuum cleaners. Be mindful in pouring the excess amount of water. remove carpets and other material fixed to the floor.

  • Drying out the affected area

Drying out the area could be a challenging task, especially when the rain fall continues. Open out windows or additional doors for clean air circulation. This could help fight bacteria. Use mops and other equipment to dry out the area as fast as possible. be mindful of slippery and wet floors.

  • Disconnect power supply 

An emergency flood can cause severe damage to your valuable electrical appliances. The best way to take care of them is by moving them to a safer place and disconnecting them immediately. Make sure they are disconnected from the main power supply before meddling them around.

  • Dry out furniture

A flood can cause immense damage to your valuable furniture. As soon as the water level reduces, make sure you dry out soaked furniture and use liquid solution to dry out the absorbed water. If the water remains, it could cause more damage leading it to be a breeding ground for insects.

  • Disinfectants are important

Once the affected area starts drying out, make sure you use sufficient disinfectants when cleaning the affected areas. A good disinfectant could help you to get rid of bacteria and other disease causing germs. Be mindful of the disinfectant you use. Always stick to the directions of usage or seek professional help. Make sure disinfectants are used in washrooms, kitchen, pantry and bedroom. Use gloves and other protection material at all times.

Peace of Mind. Plain and Simple.

At some point in life we all consider investing in a life insurance cover. We look into different options and tend to analyze different options. Here are some important reasons as to why you should have a life insurance cover.

  • To protect your family and loved ones:

If your family completely depends on you and if you financially support every member in the family, it is important to have a life insurance cover. This is important to parents with young children or even to adults stepping into a family life. More importantly this will give you peace of mind.

  •  To leave an inheritance:

You can create an inheritance to your loved ones by investing in a life insurance policy and naming your family or your loved ones as beneficiaries, even if you don’t have any other assets. Death shouldn’t mean debt. A life insurance will help your family to cover the existing debts.

  • To add more financial security:

Anything can happen. Anything can go wrong but a life insurance cover will provide financial security as well as peace not mind, supporting you throughout the journey of life. Guarding you through every big step you take in the journey of life.

  • Take care of business:

Your business should go on. Life insurance is not just about individuals. It helps businesses to proceed as well. Life insurance is considered as a financial asset. Many policies have cash value, which even in case of bankruptcy cannot be touched by creditors.

  • Supplement your retire:

A life insurance policy will ensure your retirement savings lasts as long as you do. A life insurance policy truly is an investment when you reach the golden days of your life. It will reward you for all the hard word you’ve done and will be a great source of strength.

As we grow older, take big steps in the journey of life we realize the importance of  having financial stability and some extra support. A life insurance is a fundamental part of having a sound financial plan which we all need.



Are you looking to Retire at 45? 4 Investment Tips for Early Retirement

Many of us want to retire early. That early retirement age might be 35, 40, or 50, but the idea is to retire sometime before the age of 65 and start enjoying life before age and infirmity catch up with you. Here below are 4 Investments tips to follow:


1. Create a Plan

Armed with the willingness to commit and realistic expectations, it’s time to create a plan. Your early retirement plan should help you save enough money each month to reach your retirement goals. This means that you have to consider cutting your expenses, and changing what you do with your money, in order to meet the requirements of your plan.

2. Collect your savings

Collect your savings. Even if you’re employed at a great company, think of yourself as being self-employed when it comes to investing for your own retirement, you’re in charge, so take the reins and put together a game plan for how you’ll reach your retirement goal.

3. Keep away from withdrawing your EPF/ ETF

Though it can be tempting to tap into your EPF/ETF savings, it’s vital to leave the money you’ve allocated for retirement untouched. As it is known, withdrawing money from your retirement funds will cost you money in the long term in lost principal and interest.
4. Focusing on Tax Efficient Investments
To maximize your early retirement, you’ll want to invest in tax-advantaged accounts and investments that don’t have early withdrawal penalties. Here are a few to consider:
4.1. Pension plans
Although defined benefit pension plans are rare, some employers still offer pensions that begin paying out immediately when you separate from service or that allow you to begin receiving payments or else you can plan ahead by settling into a retirement plan such as HNB Assurance ‘my pension’ for a guaranteed monthly income for a happy retirement.

4.2 Stocks
Holding equities long-term is not only tax-efficient, but possibly essential to position your portfolio for growth. Taxes on long-term capital gains and dividends are currently capped at 15%, and you only have to pay this tax in the event that you receive dividends or sell shares.
4.3 Real Estate
Real estate investors have known for a long time about the tax benefits and income potential of investment real estate.
These Investment tips will definitely give you an insight on how you should plan for your early retirement, so get a head start to retiring early right away!

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

IASL Launches National Life Insurance Month: Here’s what you need to know

1.In a nutshell…

The Insurance Board of Sri Lanka (IBSL) & Insurance Association of Sri Lanka (IASL) have teamed up together with all the life insurance partners in Sri Lanka to launch the national life insurance month from September 1st-September 30th. This initiative has brought all the life insurance firms as we all strive for one goal- to ensure that all Sri Lankan’s are insured.

2.What’s the main focus of Life Insurance Month in Sri Lanka?

At HNB Assurance, we are well known for our famous ‘spirit of caring’, and have joined forces to help safeguard the future for you and your loved ones, hence the reasoning behind our campaign which urges you, the uninsured to get life and live life. The players in the insurance industry are striving to meet 1,000,000 individuals and spread the message about the importance of insurance for all Sri Lankans.

3. The Logo

logoThis is the official ‘Flame of Protection’ which is intended to extend the protection of life insurance to Sri Lankans and will be the prominent logo used during the month of September. The initiative looks to tackle a glaring issue; According to Daily ft less than 13% of Sri Lankan’s are covered by life insurance, so this combined effort will be used by the 15 life insurance companies to bring life insurance into 15 new regions around Sri Lanka.

4. What Should I expect during National Life Insurance Month in September?

  • If you don’t have insurance already, expect our friendly insurance advisors to speak to you. We will be issuing leaflets spreading the ‘Get Life, Live Life’ message.
  • We have also planned a bunch of regional street promotions all around Sri Lanka, so do let us know if you come across any!
  • The team has invested significant amounts for TV, Radio and Print advertisements so be on the lookout for those.
  • Visit the official website to catch the latest news and find out when insurance agents will be coming to your town.
  • LIKE their Facebook page for exciting competitions and be aware of the latest information!

5. The launch

lighting torch
Image Credit: Lanka Business News

The National Life Insurance month was officially kicked off at the Arcade Independence Square on  Tuesday, September 1st by senior individuals of the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka (IBSL) and Insurance Association of Sri Lanka (IASL) with the lighting of the official torch.

We hope that the coming month inspires YOU to look into secure your future with life insurance!

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

The HNB Assurance Blog Celebrates its 1st year, Happy Blogging Anniversary!

1 year ago

We began this particular blog without too much fuss. It was all a bit new, writing about Insurance. We didn’t know it at the time, but we made history; we became the first ever life insurance blog in Sri Lanka. That being said, it was a very simple template which we had, as reflected in the screenshot below.

blog screenshot 2014


Yes, the layout was very simple and getting traffic to the blog was certainly a challenge. However, with a fair deal of experimentation the site grew its reach to over 50 countries and now looks like this;

Check out our new look!

HNBA BLOG Screenshot

Viola, a much more engaging theme which aligns with the corporate colours of HNB Assurance. We have spent a significant focus on writing about how you can improve your health, informed our customers about the basics of insurance and kept you abreast of our companies activities such as winning awards at NASCO, new products launches. The fact that the blog has gained a cult following has ensured that they’ve flooded us with questions, and in turn we have made it a point to answer them.

anniversaryMany more years to come

We’ve been delighted with the level of success the blogs have achieved-yes, blogs! We launched a second blog, which places emphasis on transportation, drunk driving and motor insurance. We’ve been well received on both platforms are pleased with the overall result. However, we feel that there is much left for us to contribute. So thank you, to all our well wishers and to all those who have subscribed all around the world and keep coming back to read our posts. Until next time!

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.