Lost Your Important Documents During the Flood/Landslide Season? Here’s What You Should Do!

The Disaster Management Center has reportedly estimated that around 250 individuals are still living in temporary camps and a reported 61,859 individuals have been displaced as a result of the recent season of landslide and flood.

Following these two major natural disasters, many individuals have lost their valuable belongings including valuable identification documents. In case you’re a victim and you’ve lost such valuable documents here’s what you can do:

  • National Identity Card:

In case you’ve lost or misplaced you NIC during the flood and landslide season, immediately obtain an application form from the ID office or Divisional Secretariat. The completed form should be certified by the Divisional Secretariat. Make sure to lodge a police complaint stating details of the lost NIC. A letter should be obtained from the Grama Sevaka confirming your address and other relevant information.

The Department has stated that NIC’s obtained prior to 1st of September 2014, is unlike to contain information on the database and citizens are required to hand over the completed form and the other two documents in order to avoid any delays. If you’ve obtained your NIC after the above mentioned date and have lost or misplaced it during the recent landslide or flood season, you’re requested to produce a document confirming your personal details. This could be your passport, birth certificate or even your marriage certificate.

  • Passport:

In case you’ve lost your passport, immediately lodge an entry with the nearest police station, soon as possible.  Make sure you clearly state every important detail regarding this and try to recall as much as information which was included in your lost passport.

Once you lodge the complaint, provide a copy of this to the Department of Immigration and Emigration and officials will guide you with the process further. In case, your passport was drenched, make sure you produce it to the Department in order to obtain a new one. There will be no penalty charged if the  drenched passport is produced to obtain a new one.

  • Certificates – Birth/Death/Marriage:

In case you’ve lost a birth certificate or a death certificate during the recent flood/landslide season, make sure you provide details as much as possible, as most of the details related to these are stored in a database and could be recovered in a shorter time. The fee to obtain this would be Rs. 100.

In case you’ve lost your marriage certificate, you’ll be able to obtain it from the place which you initially obtained it from, as an example; if you initially obtained it from Colombo or Galle, you’ll be able to recover this document from the Colombo DS or the Galle DS.

  • Deeds:

In case you’ve lost your title deeds or other property related documents, you’ll be able to recover them from the Land Registrar. There are 45 Land Registries for this specific purpose.


Basic First Aid Tips: Learning the DRSABCD system

Given that Saturday (Sept 12th) was World first aid day, and sinceHNB Assurance is a life insurance company,it makes complete sense for us to provide a piece on basic first Aid. On that note, we’ve come across some basic first aid techniques which you ought to know in an emergency.

A lot of individuals understand the importance of keeping calm. First things first, apply the DRSABCD system whenever there is an emergency and you need to take action. Keep reading, as it could be the difference between life and death.

Danger: Is there any danger towards you or anyone nearby? Make sure you check that you’re in no immediate danger before you attempt to help someone who is injured.

Response: Is the injured individual responsive in any way? For example, they should be able to talk when you speak to them, else squeeze your hand or simply have a pulse if they are unconscious.

helping hand,
When helping people, make sure that it won’t put you in harm’s way

Send for Help: If you have someone who can assist, call out for help.If you have a phone, call the emergency number (119) on any phone and follow instructions. Ensure that you stay nice and calm so your help is most effective.

Airway: If the person’s airway is not clear, clear their airway using your fingers. Once that is done, tilt the head back gently (do this by lifting their chin) and check if the individual is breathing. Note: If the individual is awake & breathing normally, wait for help and keep the injured person calm.

first aid
Know the basics of First Aid

Breathing :See if the individual is breathing (assess by looking if the chest is moving up and down). If you’re unsure, place your ear close to their mouth and nose, or put a hand to the lower part of their chest. If the injured person is unconscious but breathing, keep their head, neck and spine aligned. If however, there is no breathing, you will need to apply CPR.

CPR: If the individual is not breathing, keep them flat on their back. Put one hand at the centre of the chest, put the other hand on top. Press down firmly and smoothly upto 30 times, giving 2 breaths. To give a breath of air, tilt the head back and lift their chin, making you sure you pinch their nostrils and breathe air firmly from your mouth to their mouth. Repeat the process until help arrives, or until the person regains consciousness. Note: If the injured person is a child (under 10years of age), ensure that youre movements are not too hard, as your activities end up doing more harm than good.

CPR Technique
Stay calm and give CPR to the injured person

Defibrillator: For unconscious adults who are not breathing,you will need to use an automatic External Defibrillator (AED). This is a device which is used to provide an electric shock and kickstart your heart. However, these should only be used by a licensed medical professional.

Note by Editor: This information is for general education. We strongly recommend that you take a First Aid Course conducted by a recognised institution, like the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society. We hope you’ve learned some good tips, until next time stay safe!

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

HNB Assurance & HNB General Insurance Win 5 Awards at NASCO 2015

Highlights: Best overall front liner of the year in Sri Lanka, Two Gold Awards, One Silver Award and One Bronze Award

HNB Assurance and HNB General Insurance secured 5 awards at the National Sales Congress Awards (NASCO) organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) recently. NASCO 2015 is the premier event dedicated to recognize the efforts and performance of sales professionals and is the only event in the country to distinguish and reward Sri Lankan sales personnel in numerous organizations.

We are proud to say that HNBA and HNBGI won awards in a number of categories in both Life Insurance & General Insurance. U K K C Silva of the Colombo North branch was awarded as the ‘Best overall front liner in Sri Lanka’ and also won the Gold award in the ‘Life Insurance front liner’ category. Janaka Suranga who hails from our Panadura Branch bagged the Gold award in the ‘General Insurance’ category. The Silver Award in the ‘Life Insurance Sales Executive’ category was presented to Nirosha Dilrukshi of Kiribathgoda, whereas Pradeep Priyankara of Embilipitiya was awarded the Bronze award in the ‘General Insurance front liner’ category.

HNB Assurance Wins
NASCO 2015 Awards Winners of HNB Assurance and HNB General Insurance with the Senior Management; Chandana Aluthgama – Chief Business Officer – HNBGI, Ivan Nicholas – Head of Distribution HNBA, Dilshan Perera – Head of Marketing of HNB Assurance and HNB General Insurance, Jehan Haniff – Manager Sales Administration and Training of HNBGI and Sudath Perera – National Sales Training and Development Manager of HNBA

Commenting on the achievement, acting CEO of HNB Assurance & HNB General Insurance Niranjan Manickam stated, “This year too we have maintained our stance in winning the best & we are proud of this achievement that demonstrates the outstanding performance of our sales team which has won this distinction at the national level. This sheer victory is a blend of hard work, determinations and focus. We hope that their success is an example to other sales personnel to strive for excellence. My heartiest congratulations to the winners and hope they will continue to excel in what they do in many years to come.”

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

5 occasions to re-assess your life insurance coverage

Life insurance is something which you ought to invest in. However, once you lock into a policy, it doesn’t mean that the same policy will serve you for the rest of your life. Here are 5 instances when should reassess your life insurance policy.

1. You’re buying a house

It’s necessary to look at home insurance if you are building your dream home, or you want to renovate your house. Proper home insurance will provide coverage for the actual house, its belongings and all its occupants.


2. You’re expecting a baby

Bringing a child into this world is a big responsibility. Expect a significant rise in your household expenses (ie: baby food, clothes, toys etc). This means that there is a lot more at stake for your new family. As a parent, having enough life insurance coverage will give you peace of mind knowing that your family can maintain their standard of living and secure your child’s future. For more information, check out our article about the importance of having child insurance.

Photo credits: HNB Assurance. All rights reserved. This picture may not be duplicated on other websites.

3. You’re getting married

Congratulations! Wedding planning aside, one of the more important considerations for soon-to-be-newlyweds is taking out a life insurance policy. This will secure your spouse’s ability to pay living expenses, medical bills, vehicle payments etc. What better way to kickstart your marriage knowing that your future is well assured!

4. You’re getting a promotion/new job

This one applies for a lot of people, especially young people. We’ve already mentioned why getting a life insurance policy at a young age is beneficial. However, its worth taking a look at that policy as you change jobs or get promoted.

For example, a promotion would mean that you could invest in a decent vehicle, home or purchase other goods and services as you accumulate wealth. In order to keep up with your bills and maintain your lifestyle, you should consider buying more insurance, now that you have the extra money to do so.

Photo credits: HNB Assurance. All rights reserved. This picture may not be duplicated on other websites.

5. Retirees with an Empty Nest

This may be tough for some parents to hear, but you should be ready when the kids leave home. The big advantage is that your life insurance needs are likely to drop as you only need to depend on yourselves. That being said, you need to be aware that your financial & health concerns are managed appropriately. Thus, make it a point to speak to your life insurance advisor.

Even if none of these 5 reasons apply to you, its still smart to review your insurance at least once a year. The advantage is that you can speak to your advisor and find out about new products/covers which will benefit you, which you may not know about if you didn’t take the initiative.

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

CONTEST: ‘My Passion’ Quiz Winners Announced

Last month, we hosted a contest in order to reward those with a burning desire in their lives. We requested individuals to answer a series of questions about themselves and their passion in life.

We had well over a 100 responses and were especially blown away by the quality of responses: a lot of individuals focused on travel and photography. Others focused on becoming entrepreneurs or taking care of their family members, which we greatly admire.

Now, for the moment you’ve all be waiting for. Our winners are:

Congratulations to all our Winners!

1. Roshini De Silva

2. Vishvi Vidanapathirana

3. Rumesh Kavinda

4. Dinesh Adikari

To all those who didn’t win. we’d like to say this: no matter what your passion is, we at HNB Assurance are committed towards making that passion a reality. We will safeguard your aspirations with our ‘4 seasons of protection’ via our life insurance products: myChild, myLife, myFund & myPension. Call our 24 hour hotline on 0114-384-384 and secure your dreams today.

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.