How TO: Get a Job as a Young Graduate

In keeping up with our theme of ‘Youth’ for this month (see the tab marked ‘Youth’ in the menubar for more articles),  we decided to focus on a topic which is of particular importance for young Sri Lankan job seekers: Youth Employment, This article gives you the 8 secrets to getting a  job you want.

1. Identify your passion: Ask yourself, ‘what do I want to do?’ It’s highly recommended that you pursue something you are genuinely passionate about: be it photography, working in tourism/hospitality, graphic designing etc as it gives you more incentive to keep going when the going gets tough.

2. SMART Goals: Make sure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Result and Time Orientated. For example, if you are looking for potential jobs online, make it a smart goal:

Check jobs online in the field of nature photography on online job sites such as for 1 hour, 3 times a week.

3. Create and build your resume. There are plenty of online sites which let you create resumes easily. If you don’t have much work experience, add your school/university projects under ‘experience’, as well as you’re O/L & A/L results. Also look into creating a Linkedin profile as well.

4. Look at job websites and websites of places you wish to work at as most companies advertise jobs online.

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Is This You? If so, time to make a change. You can do it!

5. Speak to your parents, friends and colleagues and actively ask if there are any openings in their workplaces or if they are aware or similar opportunities: you’d be amazed to know how often this leads to a job!

6. Gain experience: If you badly want to stay ahead of the competition, look into internships or freelance work. If you are into writing, designing, video editing, photography etc you can start small and build up over time: at the end of the day, some work experience is better than zero work experience!

7. Work & study part-time: It improves your time management skills and provides you with a little income to manage your daily expenses, or pay off your course. Furthermore, it grants you invaluable work experience, which makes you stand out as you have both work experience and the right qualifications

8. Study free courses from around the world: If the courses you are looking for are too expensive, study free online courses from reputed academies such as MIT, Harvard, TED, Coursera, Yale & Khan Academy, most of which cover  topics such as Computer Sciences & Engineering, Law, Business, Finance, Medicine, History, Math & Communications. Please refer the following links for more information.

Good luck in your job search! Share your job hunting experiences with us in the comments & subscribe to our blog!

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.